Photo Res-Q

Resurrect and Preserve Your Family’s Photographs
Photo Res-Q is a photo archival and restoration service brought to you through
Studio Q Photography, LLC located in downtown Amherst, Ohio.

Restoration Services

 We can repair most damaged images and process old rolls of undeveloped film. Free in person estimates are always given before any work is performed. All of your photographs are safely stored in a safe while they are worked on and all film is hand delivered to the processing lab.  Call today to schedule your free estimate.

always start with a

Free Estimate

Archival Services

Digitize a hand full or your family’s entire collection of photographs. Large prints, small prints, slides, negatives, or artwork can be digitized at a small fee.


per image


 Archival DVD of images – First disc $25, additional discs $15ea
Prints – Reprints are done at 50% off of our regular print prices.
Restoration – $60/hr billed in 5 minute increments.

Athletes Photographed

Happy Families Photographed

High School Seniors Photographed

Number of Oreos in a Regular Stuffed package